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Elevate Your Clinical Medical Laboratory with Our Expert Billing and Coding Services

In the world of clinical medical laboratories, precision and efficiency are non negotiable. Your focus should be on delivering accurate test results and advancing healthcare, not struggling with billing complexities.

Empower Your Clinical Laboratory with Ensure MBS

As a clinical laboratory, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the recent increase in oversight, audits, and operating costs, coupled with falling reimbursement rates. This has created a significant financial challenge, making it difficult for many clinical labs to survive in a highly competitive market with high client turnover. It is now more critical than ever to tighten up your documentation and clinical lab billing processes to ensure that you recover costs. In 2014, when the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) was signed into law, many labs felt an initial shock wave, and in 2018, new payment rates became effective, causing further disruption. With additional restrictions and reporting requirements, as well as deeper PAMA payment cuts on the horizon, clinical labs are bracing for the full impact. For small and medium labs, it will be challenging to make a profit, and some may need help to break even, given the existing challenge of obtaining insurance contracts and receiving appropriate reimbursement. Narrowing insurance payments and difficulties in collecting patient payments only compound the problem.



Ensure MBS understands the importance of providing tailored billing solutions for clinical labs. Our team of certified medical billing specialists are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest regulatory and medical lab billing standards so that we can help you increase your revenue stream and maximize profitability. By ensuring accurate coding, timely submission of completed claims, and aggressive follow up on denials, we help you develop a long term plan for success amidst the changes in store for laboratories.

Efficient and timely adjustments to back office and front office procedures can make all the difference for clinical laboratories. Despite challenges, such as missing or incomplete information on requisitions from ordering providers, submitting complete and accurate claims coded to the highest level of specificity is critical to success. It is imperative that CPT and ICD 10 codes are correct and claims are submitted within the limited window for reporting clinical diagnoses. This requires a careful balance of administrative and clinical lab billing processes to ensure medical necessity is proven and claims are processed quickly and accurately.


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