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Medical billing Services in USA

Cardiology Medical BILLING AND CODING

Unlock the Potential of Your Cardiology Practice with Our Specialized Cardiology Billing Services

Our specialized Cardiology Medical Billing Services are designed to streamline your billing processes, improve revenue cycle management, and ensure compliance with the ever changing healthcare regulations.

Providing Comprehensive Cardiology Billing Services

Our experienced billers streamline cardiology medical billing services, handling everything from insurance verification to payment collection.

We offer effective cardiology medical billing services

Recent advances in cardiology have led to more complex billing requirements. Outsourcing to an experienced medical billing services company increases revenue and reduces stress.

Expert billers are essential for high value claims

In the field of cardiology, medical billing is an expensive process. Any inaccuracies in coding can lead to significant revenue loss for practices. The coding system is complex and constantly changing, with different payers having different rules regarding coverage. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a cardiology billing services company that has experience with the codes and is familiar with the various payer requirements.

Ensure MBS utilizes a claims management system that has been developed over a decade of experience in the industry. Before submitting claims, a senior biller checks for errors, which greatly reduces the number of unpaid claims. Each account has an assigned manager who tracks every claim until it is paid. If a claim is rejected or denied, we determine the cause, rectify it, and resubmit it at no additional cost, regardless of the amount or effort required.

Challenges In Cardiology Billing Services

Scheduling is where potential errors begin.

During the scheduling phase of medical treatment, it is essential to verify insurance coverage. The coding of minor details like the setting of the appointment, whether it is in patient, out patient, or emergency room/urgent care, is crucial to avoid claim denials. Ensure MBS‘s coders and billers are careful about paying attention to such details.

Procedures Lead to Complex Coding
When it comes to cardiology billing and coding, modifiers play a crucial role. These are additional subcategories of numeric codes that provide the necessary details to ensure that all services provided are reimbursed. However, inexperienced billers and coders may only look up the general code for a procedure, overlooking the importance of including the correct number of modifiers and all the necessary numerically coded information. Payers are now moving towards more bundled codes, which can help simplify billing. However, coders must be able to identify any deviation from the standard bundled items and know how to itemize them to avoid over coding or under coding. Fortunately, Ensure MBS’s medical billing and coding team is well trained in recognizing these special cases and can handle them efficiently. If you would like to learn more about how we can simplify your cardiology medical billing, please get in touch with us.

Claim Rejections Revenue Losses
In a family medicine practice, a large number of patients are seen daily, which results in numerous low dollar claims being filed. However, in cardiology, the examinations and treatments are more detailed and time consuming, which means that fewer patients can be seen each day. If a cardiologist treats only 10 to 15 patients in a day, the loss of revenue due to a single unpaid claim can be up to 10% of their daily income. Our cardiology billing services can reduce the number of denials and increase the payment received. We keep track of each claim to ensure that none are lost or abandoned, which is a common occurrence with less experienced billers or when there is no established system for managing claims.

Outsourcing Cardiology Medical Billing to Ensure MBS

Cardiology medical billing and coding services

As cardiology billing becomes increasingly complex and insurance providers continue to reduce reimbursements, having an effective billing and RCM system is more crucial than ever. Outsourcing to Ensure MBS allows medical professionals to focus on their patients while experienced and certified specialists handle their RCM from start to finish. With Ensure MBS’s Cardiology Billing Services, scheduling and all billing aspects are covered, including debt collection when necessary.

Medical Billing and RCM


Medical billing software can significantly impact the revenue cycle management (RCM) of healthcare providers by increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, accelerating reimbursement, ensuring compliance, and providing valuable data insights. It ultimately helps healthcare organizations maintain financial health and focus on their core mission of providing quality patient care. Ensure MBS has an expert team who can use all the top notch medical billing software available in the market to increase your revenue and decrease the chances of claim denials. We understand the complexities of the healthcare industry and the need for diverse software solutions, and our proficiency ensures that we can navigate and make the most of these tools to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s industry standard software or specialized platforms, you can trust us to comprehensively and confidently use all medical billing software to your advantage. Please reach out to us today to schedule a free demo and see how we can help free up your staff and increase your bottom line.

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