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Medical billing Services in USA

Outstanding Medical Billing Services

With over 10 years of experience, Ensure MBS is the most encouraging and fastest medical billing services provider who can surely be trusted by the customers. Ensure MBS will do more than take the weight of these financial concerns. We provide clean claim submission within 24 hours to get paid on time. We take care of collections and revenue cycle management incongruities, ensuring payment posting and careful execution of the steps involved in medical billing. 99% accuracy in medical billing and coding to reduce denials. Constant and 100% follow-up on receivables in 7 days of claim transmission to guarantee claim has been received by the payer.

We comply with HIPAA regulations and maintain high confidentiality of patient information. We sign NDA with every employee and audit daily that none of the patient information goes out of our premises. Our internal network is protected with a Microsoft ISA firewall. We have updated Servers, and uninterrupted power supplies to meet any contingency.

medical billing services

Our mission is to modify as a prestigious organization that is concentrated on giving clean and innovative medical billing services to its clients and co workers, to optimize their methods and encourage them to attain their goals.


Our crew of verified coders and expert billers has the expertise and experience to assist your facility with complete and perfect work. With our vast knowledge, we transfer data to your team and lead them in the best manner that will enhance your revenue.

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